This is a personal website created to sell what's left of my collection. Everything below is for sale.
It's your chance to get rare items at good prices by avoiding shipping fees.
I already dropped the price on most items, all prices are firm

Items are availables for pickup in the following locations:
Quebec: Montreal Downtown, West-Island, Vaudreuil Soulanges, Chateauguay, Valleyfield, Lachute
Ontario: Prescott-Russell, Alexandria, Cornwall, Ottawa

* Minimum purchase required for some locations

Dinnerware [Railway/Airlines] (32 listed)
$25.00Canadian Pacific Airlines set
$40.00Canadian Pacific BC Coast Steamships
$50.00Canadian Pacific Empress Pattern
$50.00Canadian Pacific Railway Tremblant Pattern BC Coast
$40.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Plate 9" Sovereign Floral
$80.00Air Canada Super Lot
$40.00Canadian Airlines lot
$5.00Souvenir Dish or ashtray locomotive 1963
$5.00Canadian Pacific Railway silverware cutlery CPR
$4.00Canadian Pacific Airlines dish
$10.00Canadian National Hotel Vancouver Royal Doulton
$10.00Canadian National Hotel Vancouver Demi Cup Saucer
$2.00VIA Rail Canada Dinnerware
$4.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Chateau Champlain
$30.00Canadian National System Large Platter
$30.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Elkington Silver Dish
$2.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Lot
$10.00Cognac glasses Canadian Pacific (Reproduction)
$50.00Canadian National two handed bowl by Medalta
$40.00Queen Elizabeth Hotel Mtl Canadian National Royal Doulton
$50.00Canadian National Railway Cup Mug Sovereign
$40.00Canadian Pacific Railway Grindley Duraline Bordeaux Set
$100.00Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Colored Heron
$45.00Canadian National Hotel Vancouver Royal Gravy Boat
$25.00Canadian National Railway Cup Mug Saucer Grindley
$20.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Fairmount Plate
$25.00Canadian National Railway Cup Mug Syracuse Grindley
$100.00Canadian Pacific Ocean Services Butterfly Floral
$35.00Canadian National Large dish by Grindley
$40.00CP Rail Caboose Cutlery Stainless
$40.00Canadian Pacific Airlines ashtray
$35.00Canadian National Railway Cup Mug Grindley Yellow Saucer

Misc [Railway/Airlines] (33 listed)
$100.00Canadian National Railway HLP Piper Lantern CNR
$20.00British Airways Traveller bag
$25.00Canadian Pacific Airlines Royal Class
$80.00Canadian Pacific Railway Lantern CPR
$30.00Restaurant Identification Guide Volume 1 China
$10.00Canadian National New Logbook
$20.00Canadian National MLW Number board M636 2337
$10.00Rails across Canada 150 years of passenger train
$10.00Canadian National books Rockies and West
$25.00Canadian Pacific Railway Motive Power book
$20.00Canadian Pacific Airlines Suit Protector
$10.00Canadian Pacific Towels
$30.00Canadian Pacific by Greg McDonnell
$30.00Canadian Pacifc Railway Advance Mile board Hudson
$5.00Canadian Rail and CP Rail timetable
$10.00Canadian Pacific Hat Destination Board AMT Cap
$100.00VIA Rail LRC Bombardier 6920 Number Board
$0.00Canadian National and VIA Rail various items
$200.00Canadian Pacific Railway Caboose Marker HLP Piper
$25.00Canadian National Galvanized Bucket
$40.00CN Rail Teddy Bear with case
$25.00Canadian Pacific Airlines traveller bags
$40.00CNR and CPR Railway HLP Piper Switch Lanterns
$160.00Canadian National Railway HLP Piper Switch Lantern
$25.00CPR Metal Oil can Canadian Pacific Railway
$25.00Canadian Pacific Airlines traveller bag
$35.00CN 3742 RS18 MLW Number Board
$100.00Canadian Pacific Railway HLP Piper Switch Lantern
$180.00Canadian National Railway HLP Piper Switch Lantern
$10.00Canadian National Express small pot
$10.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Wood Hangers
$10.00Canadian National Lot
$60.00Canadian Pacific Express Money Order Sign

Other items [Misc] (5 listed)
$150.00Wooden trunk shipped via Canadian Pacific Steamships
$40.00Table 24" in very good condition
$10.00Toys Trains VIA and Canadian Pacific
$10.00Canadian National Growing up with Canada book
$5.00Montreal Ottawa Bus Stop Signs

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