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RailJunk.ca $90.00CPR Green Band Interscroll Soup Bowl Limoges05/03/2018
RailJunk.ca $70.00Canadian Pacific Brown Maple Leaf large plate Mintons05/03/2018
RailJunk.ca $50.00CNR Canadian National Shell Dish Bonaventure Pattern16/02/2018
RailJunk.ca $50.00CNR Canadian National 9"Large Plate Sovereign Toronto Pattern16/02/2018
RailJunk.ca $40.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Rogers Pass01/01/2018
RailJunk.ca $60.00Canadian Pacific Railways Green Band Large Oval20/11/2017
RailJunk.ca $12.00CPR Empress Hotel Side plate24/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $20.00CPR Empress Hotel Demi cup Saucer24/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $80.00Canadian Pacific Steamships BCCSS Grindley Mug21/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $20.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Expo 86 Syracuse Plate20/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $65.00CPR Canadian Pacific Steamships Empress pattern water jug 7"20/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $30.00Canadian National Railway Mug Saucer 1974 Syracuse Vandesca16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $15.00CN Hotels The Queen Elizabeth16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $20.00CPR Canadian Pacific Steamships BCCSS Small Plate Maddock16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $10.00CPR Bordeaux Cup Saucer Grindley16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $15.00CN Hotels The Queen Elizabeth Soup Bowl16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $65.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railways Grindley Wedge Mug16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $5.00CPR Pattern Cup Saucer Grindley16/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $40.00Canadian Pacific Steamships Bleu du Roi Cup Saucer15/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $25.00CNR Canadian National Railway Medalta Platter15/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $15.00Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Sovereign Plate14/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $10.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Silver tray EPNS10/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $20.00Canadian National Hotels Large mug Quetico style Doulton09/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $10.00Canadian National Hotel Vancouver Demi Cup Royal Doulton05/10/2017
RailJunk.ca $160.00CNR Canadian National Hotels Quetico Pattern Lot21/07/2017
RailJunk.ca $0.00CP Ships Steelite Halifax Pattern plate bowl01/07/2017
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National Railways Ottawa pattern01/07/2017
RailJunk.ca $5.00CNR Canadian National Hotels Quetico Vancouver Royal Doulton30/06/2017
RailJunk.ca $10.00CPR Canadian Pacific Hotels Chateau Champlain Set Syracuse29/06/2017
RailJunk.ca $0.00Canadian Pacific Hotels Chateau Montebello CP24/06/2017
RailJunk.ca $30.00CPR Canadian Pacific BC Coast Steamsips BCCSS Glass Water Tumbler Shield22/04/2017
RailJunk.ca $35.00CNR Canadian National Sovereign Small Plate 7" Windsor Pattern20/04/2017
RailJunk.ca $40.00CNR Canadian National CN Continental Mug Saucer Vandesca20/04/2017
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National System Rupert Pattern Sovereign Mug Saucer09/10/2016
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Canadian National Quetico Large Soup Bowl Royal Doulton08/10/2016
RailJunk.ca $10.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Dining Car Damaged Soup bowl Sovereign14/02/2016
RailJunk.ca $25.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway or Steamship Ashtray03/02/2016
RailJunk.ca $40.00Wardair Dinnerware Kit10/11/2015
RailJunk.ca $15.00CPR Canadian Pacific Airlines Shot Glass Multimark CP Air30/10/2015
RailJunk.ca $20.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Steamship Plate China20/10/2015
RailJunk.ca $5.00VIA Rail Canada Small Round Plates13/10/2015
RailJunk.ca $15.00CNR Canadian National Hotel Vancouver Soup bowl by Royal Doulton10/10/2015
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Grand Trunk Pacific Demi Cup Saucer Maddock China01/01/2001
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Canadian National Railways Brown Teapot Royal Worcester01/01/2001
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** CPR Green band Empress Crown Dive Recovered01/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Canadian National Hotels Large mug Quetico Doulton01/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** CNR Canadian National Railways CN Continental Ottawa Windsor01/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National Steamhips CNS-2 Cake Plate01/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Canadian National Railways Ottawa Matching Mug Saucer 195901/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** Canadian Pacific Railways Large White Plate01/01/2000
RailJunk.ca $0.00SOLD! Canadian Pacific Airlines Set Brown Mustard China01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National CN Hotels set by Corning01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00GTP Grand Trunk Pacific Crystal Wine Cup GTP The Fort Garry01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National Railways Silver Dish01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00CPR Canadian Pacific Railway Blue Maple Leaf Ridgway China01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Queen Elizabeth Hotel Mtl Canadian National Royal Doulton01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00**SOLD OUT** CNR 3678 & 2563 RS18 M-420 MLW Locomotives Number Board CNR GTW01/01/1990
RailJunk.ca $0.00CRN Canada Railway News Silverware China Cutelry Lot01/01/1900
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National Railway Jasper Royal Tour Train 193901/01/1900
RailJunk.ca $0.00CNR Canadian National Railways Toronto Pattern Mug Plate01/01/1900